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Monday, May 2, 2011

Trying Some New Cosmetics

I have been a cosmetic brand manager for many years, and learned to love cosmetics.  Since I changed jobs, I've been having withdrawal symptoms, I miss the makeup industry.  It came to a point that I've decided to enroll a class that would help improve my makeup skills.  Thanks to my cousin-in-law, she introduced me to a makeup teacher by the name of Cheryl Cabanos.  The class is at CCMA, Cheryl Cabanos Makeup Academy.  Teach (as what we call her), is very good at what she does.  She teaches the step by step and basics of makeup,  on how to hold the brush and to the detail of doing the brush strokes.  
Since I started, I am now able to use my makeup collection!  I was excited that I still bought some items I need, to pursue makeup artistry.  Below are the additional items I got.

my glamorous makeup kit

contour set with blush 

contour set from ccma

concealer set

2 stick concealers   

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