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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Shopping

It was weekend, me and my friends decided to check out (again!) the newly opened Forever21 in Makati.  Check out my purchases!

i love this breton shirt which i got from the men's in forever21


  1. I bought those same earings in mint green!
    Cute purchases.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I like your purchases, I wish a shop like that opened also where I live - in Italy, for now it's only in Milan here and I don't live there !
    Great blog, let me know if you want us to follow each other ! Kisses

  3. Beautiful shoes!
    Do you know Shudy shoes? Come to my blog and discover it!
    Bye bye dear :)

    The yellow ball

  4. hi girls! following you already!


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