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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi everyone!  Sorry for just posting now, I'm really busy lately, been doing Strat Plan with our company and I have no time to post!  
Anyway, I would like to post my trip to Boracay last March 1 - 3.  It was really fun as I am with my usual travel buddies!  We stayed in our usual hotel, at Sur, Station 1.  We went there to relax, drink, eat and relax some more!

Enjoy the pics!

The Island:

The Happenings:

The Food:

The District
Two Seasons
Fishbar Boracay

The Essentials:

Clarins sun products, Phyto Plage for my hair and Dermalogica sun screen for my face

The Travel Buddies

Boracay always has a place in my heart, I go there every year to rest from stress.  The minute I see the blue shores and the pink/white sands immediately I am rested.  The place gives me some time to think, regain my strength and move on yet again!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ThePinkmateProject Travel: Shenzhen, China

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, I have been super duper busy!  I was out of the country for 4 days  in Shenzhen, China for work.  I would just like to share with you some photos and my experience in this city, it was my first time anyway.

Going to Shenzhen is very easy, in my case, I'm from the Philippines, I just fly to HongKong, take a train, cross the boarder (immigration), I am already in Shenzhen, China! (Of course, I need to get my China Visa first before everything else!).
I had a bit of difficulty communicating, all I know is English and my native language, Filipino.  Neither I know Cantonese or Mandarin languages, it was indeed a struggle.  

The first thing I noticed in Shenzhen, they have a quite efficient railway system at just 2Yuan per person per station.  I'm wishing that we have that same railway system in the Philippines! (Well that's another story...).

I never really got to go anywhere except for the trade show and one night at Dongmen Pedestrian.  Dongmen Pedestrian is an interesting place you will see different kind of people here.  Shopping in this area is quite cheap, although I didn't get to shop, I was able to see "fake" LVs and Gucci's here! There are also other cheap items like clothes, shoes and phone cases.  You just have to learn how to bargain really hard to get the cheapest price from the seller. 

Since I didn't shop in Shenzhen, I decided to buy a few things in Hongkong. While in Elements Mall for our in-town check-in, I passed by H & M.  Checked out what's new and bought a few spring-summer 2013 pieces.  After the shopping, we took the fabulous Airport Express then proceeded to the airport.  Stayed a few hours at the Travelers' Lounge to eat and rest.  I highly recommend this lounge if you do not have any plans of shopping at the Hongkong airport.

Shenzhen at night

And we found a mall!!!

The impressive MTR of Shenzhen
Of course, there is always a downside...

Dongmen Pedestrian

Our food (lots of chillies!) and dinner with a few friends

How to combat tireness?  Fool around and take photos!

Finally! Hongkong!!!

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