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Monday, May 28, 2012

China and HongKong Trip

Hey guys! Sorry for the no-post in the past few days, went to China for a business trip and stayed there for 5 days. Then I flew to HongKong for some R&R! Of course, shopping as usual! China does not have access for blogs and other social networking sites so I am not able to update all of you. In HongKong, we stayed in Marco Polo, which by the way, I strongly recommend, easy access to all high end boutiques (LV, Prada, YSL, Burberry, Gucci and all others). I was out the entire time getting around the MTR and going to different shopping areas. I love it! My flight is tonight and I will update you guys as soon as I'm back!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Happy Mommy Event

Last Mother's Day, I had a pleasure working with ABS-CBN's Working Mom magazine and Lifestyle Network for their Mother's day celebration at Trinoma Ayala Mall.  It was the first time I got invited to style 4 real moms for their fashion show.  These work-at-home-moms are full time mothers who take care of their kids without any helper/nanny.  They work from home and they have their own businesses.  The concept of the fashion show was to showcase different options for moms, amidst their busy lives (running their households, businesses, taking care of the kids), they are still able to look beautiful and fashionable!

The official poster of The Happy Mommy Event
That's me about to go on stage :)
On stage with host Patricia Hizon
My friends and I goofin' around with their photo op area! hehe...

Pulled-out some clothes from Mommy Matters (fashionable nursing wear), Karimadon, Maldita and The Ramp to create different looks for the 4 moms.  Had a wonderful time with the Mommies! They are all beautiful inside and out (with a bit of craziness while we were at the backstage - they looove to sing!)
Sorry, the photos are still with ABS-CBN :)  I just want to show you few photos from the event :) I promise to show the photos of the mommies as soon as I have them!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Loveliest Woman In My Life

This post is all about my mom. She has been supportive of what I do and consistently encourage me to achieve my dream. She's a well-mannered lady and loves to look amazing everytime. My mom is just beautiful inside and out, which I totally admire. No wonder my dad is just so in love with her. To you Mommy, Happy Mother's Day! 
I love you!

look at my mommy, sporting an Afro 'do! She still looked gorgeous here!
check out her top here, wasn't it such a cute sailor top?
me and my mom strolling along the Vegas Strip

To all the mothers out there! Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

QOP: Denim + Neon = 80s Inspired Outfit

Just a quick post of our birthday celebration with my good friend Aimee.  My inspiration here is the 80s, since it's summer already, I decided to wear my new neon skirt paired it with a plain white shirt and my new denim vest, it's so perfect for the season.  
I love this outfit because it's fun, fabulous and I'm totally rockin' it!

with the birthday girl Aimee
with my best friends

I was wearing:
denim vest: Oxygen
pink neon skirt: Forever21
white shirt: Muji
(not shown in the photos) denim sneakers: Converse Chucks

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

QOP - Citrus + Neon

First time I've decided to pair a yellow coat with my mint green jeans, I say... not bad.  I think it looks fresh and totally fits the season! 

Had some drinks at 7th High for my good friend's birthday party, the extraordinaire Ferdie Salvador.   It was a night filled with great music and lotsa, lotsa drinks of my favorite grey goose and jack d!

greygoose + tonic CHEERS!
it was pretty dark inside with obviously blue lights... the birthday boy Ferdie... it's his forever 25 birthday!

I was wearing:
yellow coat: Main St. 
white tank top: Muji
mint green jeans: Dorothy Perkins
flat shoes: Christian Siriano
bag: Prada
accessories: Forever21, Massimo Dutti, bazaar
gold watch: MIchael Kors oversized watch

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