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Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Jewelry From Mommy

 I have always loved jewelry ever since I can remember.  I was talking to mom via Skype during Mother's Day, we talked about the pieces of jewelry she left with me since she moved to Vegas.  She said that I should revisit the case and show her the pieces she left, so I took my case and guess what I found... fabulous vintage jewelry!  I love it!

horseshoe "brilliantitos" (small diamonds) earrings

heart-shaped gold earrings with "brilliantitos"

rosette gold earrings with "brilliantitos"

little earrings with 3 "brilliantitos", my mom gave this to me when I was little 

my mom's college ring when she graduated from UST. 
her name is printed inside the ring,
she said this is one of her treasured pieces

little coral earrings i wore when i was maybe when I was like 2 years old

topaz with rice pearls, choker

coral hoop earrings, my mom had me wear this when i was born

my mom's small jade ring in white gold with "brilliantitos",
gave this to me when i was in grade school

my mom's big jade ring in white gold

my mom's hoop earrings with "brilliantitos"

vintage pendant my grandmother gave me when i was little

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