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Monday, May 23, 2011

In Bloom Inspirations

I love flowers. During our cooking event with Chef Kalel Chan (Museum Cafe, Chelsea Market, Mr. Jones and Momo Cafe) I required our designers to create floral arrangements as centerpieces on the tables. I love the outcome and got ideas for my color inspirations and combinations from these flowers.

 cardigan: sinequanone
scarf: h&m

maxi dress: dorothy perkins

maxi dress: zara

dress: promod

cardigan: culte femme
scarf: promod

top: dorothy perkins

maxi dress: zara


  1. i love this!!! art imitating life :) tehehe.. both the flowers and your new floral items are so pretty!!!

  2. thanks lisa!!! i soooo want to see what's in the YSL dustbag!

  3. these floral patterns are really pretty! ahh spring :D


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