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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quick Outfit Post - Work With A Twist Part 2

This is my second post on Work With A Twist.  Work With A Twist is about wearing office clothes and making them look fabulous by adding OOMPH! to any simple, boring color or design. 

What I wore in this post was just a normal outfit for the office, a plain white men's undershirt from Muji and navy linen skirt from Plains and Prints.   To veer away from being boring, I added the newest spring summer 2012 accessories from H&M and Mango. 

I was wearing:
men's white undershirt: Muji
navy skirt: Plains & Prints
bag: Prada
mint shoes: Mango
white belt: Dorothy Perkins
acrylic & neon necklace: H & M

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Love. Accessories. Featuring Spring Summer 2012

This is my first all-accessories post for 2012.  I can't wait to show you the accessories I have collected/bought during my shopping breaks, most of which are for Spring Summer 2012!  I love the colors, color combinations and design. So fresh, young and vibrant!  

(Instagram photos)
i need to post the socks and the shoes!  They just represent the main colors of the season!

1. Silver necklace bought at an exhibitor in FAME
2. Yhansy
3. Forever21
4. Forever21
5. Forever21
6. Muji
7. Mango

What is your ultimate Spring Summer 2012 accessory?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summer Is Here! - Trip to Balai San Juan, Batangas

Sorry I have been really busy these past few days, my post for about Summer has been delayed!

Moving forward, summer is fast approaching and I can't wait to hit the beach yet again!  Went to Balai San Juan, Batangas last week and spent 2 days there.  Balai San Juan does not have the pristine sands like Boracay, but it was indeed a very relaxing place.   The concept of each villa is for clients to have a relaxing and private time staring at the pond and enjoying the glorious sun and wind.  Price per night is very reasonable, plus, you get to enjoy the buffet each time!  Attendants were very polite and are always there to serve your needs.  Below are photos to show you what I mean! Yoo Hoo for Summer!

fruit stands along the highway to Balai San Juan
i'm just trying the application downloaded for iPhone - Pic Frame

Balai San Juan
look at our little buddy Teddy, enjoying with us as well!
he even had his own umbrella! What a spoiled cutie! Haha!
here I am, attempting to clean the pool!
and of course I just can't wait to plunge in!

where do you plan to go this summer? 

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

HongKong - Shopping Haven Part 2

Guys,  as promised I want to show some of my purchases while I was in HongKong. They are just exciting!  I can't wait to wear them all! Haha!  

You know how much I love accessories, so obviously, went gaga over them!  Got some goodies mostly from H & M and Cotton on :)

this necklace - a must have for the season!!!
can't resist buying this floppy hat, it's on sale in Cotton On! only at HK$25!
the color palette of these scarves are so spring 2012!
I also got a new strap for my camera, isn't it cute?

Some clothes I got mostly from H & M and Cotton On as well

don't you just love this color for summer?

I still have other purchases but they went straight to the laundry as I got home! Haha!

My ultimate purchase, which I can't seem to resist buying:

I just couldn't resist because I love the navy color and the style.  It's very sturdy, I can put my makeup kit, phones, iPad etc! 

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