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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loving Forever21

So I told myself to control shopping for a month to save up for a planned out -of-the-country trip.  Ok, so I passed by Forever21, and this what happened... :)

forever21 store in megamall

blue sheer sleeveless top

pleats details in front

surprisingly sheer details at the back

 since i love sheer tops because of its feminine silhouettes, i buy this tank top to wear underneath them.  peeping bras are such a no-no. 
i have these in black, nude, navy and gray (as shown).  
and the best thing about this tank, 
it's only Php 185!  Isn't it awesome?

 blue jeans baby

 check out the black hem if folded

another floral loose top, this will match my newly purchased jeans

i just love the embroidered details at sleeves and hem of this top


  1. Love your forever 21 haul you got some super cute things!!

  2. thanks lisa! and i can't get over your prada peeps!


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