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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mid Holiday Vacation - Baguio!

I need a break from the stress of Holiday buzz, so my friend and I traveled up north to get some fabulous cold weather.  Baguio is located in the mountains, about 5-6 hours from Manila, with a weather of about 10 degrees C at night during December.  I love cold weather because it's always hot here in Manila and cold weather means outfit layering!  I want to share with you some photos I took to give you an idea what I was talking about :)  

I just love my new Madonna shirt from Switch Nation; pants - Forever21; gray cardigan - Topman; Hi-cut sneakers - Topman; pink scarf - Mango

cape - Forever21; pants - Dorothy Perkins; long sleeves shirt - Topshop; salmon scarf - Mango; socks - Bazaar; boat shoes - Sperry

Scenes from Baguio:

I just love pine trees!
the cathedral
crazy street market!
my favorite restaurant, Cafe by the Ruins

Farmer's Feast!
Hundred Islands Seafood Sinigang
the best strawberry shake ever!!! Pure strawberries with cow's milk!

long island iced tea
to battle the cold weather I would need a dose of my usual Jack Coke!

I just love vacations!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

'Tis The Season! Happy Christmas Pinkmates!!!!

Preparing for the Christmas Season is just stressful! The gifts, the decorations and the food, good thing my family is there to help me celebrate the holidays! Here are some photos of my Holiday Cheers... Happy Christmas!  How did you celebrate yours?

Holiday Decorations

Sumptuous Food

My Family

my super duper adorable and cutie patootsie niece, Annika... we call her Happy! 

Happy Christmas Pinkmates!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Carolina Herrera Inspired Outfit

Hi everyone!  Have a free time right now so decided to post some wedding photos of my friend and colleague Cece.  
I feel honored that she chose me to be the host for her wedding, I would gladly do it for the couple.  

The inspiration for my outfit is no other than Carolina Herrera! I love her to bits! She is just so beautiful and chic!  A very good designer friend of mine made my outfit that night, and I think it was just fabulous! Thanks Tata Galias for making my ensemble!

me and the bride doing my famous "nose pose"

me, the bride and my co-host for the night

with the couple and the rest of my colleagues

I would want to post more photos but I don't have the copies yet!!! Will post some on my next entry!

Thanks Raizel for the photos!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love. Accessories III

Oh hello hello Pinkmates!  It's been awhile since I updated my blog, been super duper busy these days!  Well it's the Holiday season and I need to do marketing plans for work which I need to submit before my much-awaited Christmas vacation!  
Another thing that is keeping me on my toes, I have been busy buying Christmas gifts for family, friends and colleagues, it's just so difficult to think of different ideas this year!  If you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop by my blog and leave a message. :)

Anyway, let's jump to my favorite topic, ACCESSORIES!  Here I am again posting for the 3rd time, set of fabulous accessories I bought from Forever21, and some accs from Opia which my friend gave to me when she arrived from London. Lovelies!

chunky rope necklace from opia

gold collar necklace from opia

gold cuff from opia

dangling earrings, to add to my angel wings collection!

gold nugget earrings