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Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Flag With Yellow Star - Can't Wait!

Guess where I'm going? Vietnam! And what to do there? Shopping... shopping and shopping!!! Haven't been in this country, it will be my first time.  Some of my friends said that it was pretty hot so I need to bring summer outfits and sunblock.
hat - check
shorts - check
linen scarf - check
loose shirts - check
Havaianas - check
Toms - check
umbrella - check
Dermalogica sunblock - check

I guess I'm done packing, no need to bring too many outfits because I'm sure I will be purchasing new ones while I'm there! Guys if you have ideas on where to shop in Vietnam just leave a comment here in my blog.  Can't wait to have my well-deserved vacation!


  1. I follow you, follow me, please!!!THANKS

  2. Wow that's amazing you're going to Vietnam, it will probably be beautiful! Have a lovely time, hope you find lots of nice pieces ;)

  3. Thanks for following! OOh toms! I've always wanted to get a pair, but never do because I can't decide what color to get -_-.
    Can't wait 'til you get back! Post the goodies you got there ^_^.
    I see clockwork angel in your "interesting reads." I have that next on my list :) how is it?

  4. Sounds very exciting! Have an amazing time in vietnam!


  5. Thank you girls!

    Janel, get all the basic TOMS colors! I got all of them!

    I will definitely post pics from my Vietnam trip!

  6. hope you have fun!!!

    i'm following you back :)

    ps. love your hat<3


  7. thank you Teresa and thank you for following me :)

  8. Wow, I would love to go to Vietnam for shopping, sounds fun. :)

    The Cat Hag


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