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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chef Kalel Chan at the Miele Masters Series

It was a fun and gastronomic afternoon during my event The Miele Masters Series with Chef Kalel Chan.  He is a very young chef who has a couple of accomplishments under his name.  He is the corporate chef for Raintree Restaurants - Chelsea Market and Cafe, Momo Cafe, Museum Cafe and Mr. Jones.  and currently the executive chef for these restaurants.  We had a great time during the event, at first he was a bit nervous but eventually, the host that I am, decided to have a conversation with him while he's doing the cooking demo.  Each cuisine was just mouth-watering, our guests was left asking for to-go boxes! 

my introduction spiel for chef kalel

chef kalel demonstrating his first cuisine

museum cafe's "loatian" crispy beef shreds salad

chef kalel bringing out the pizza

momo cafe's roasted garlic "vongole" pizza

chelsea market & cafe's "low & slow" merlot braised u.s. beef short-ribs

 mr. jones' challah french toast (so sinful and tempting!)

 having a few laughs with the chef

chef kalel and me

chef kalel's young team



  1. Wow his food looks awesome, hehe I am destined to only be a home chef! :P

    The Cat Hag

  2. Yes the food was really awesome!

  3. Yummy food photos.


  4. Wow I'm getting hungry just looking at these pics!! That's so cool you got to interview him!!

  5. Well I got hungry while hosting the event! haha!


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