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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Heat Is On In Saigon! - Part 2: Trippin'

What to do in Vietnam?  Here are some of the photos we had while we were in Ho Chi Minh.  Browse through them and you might be able to get a few ideas on what to do or where to go while you're there. Enjoy!

1. visit the post office. great architecture and there are two souvenir shops on each wing.  some of the items in the souvenir shops are cheaper than in the market.

2. go to notre dame and take pictures.  the facade is so grandeur it's nice to take a souvenir photo with the cathedral at your background.

3. to know the vietnam war history, go to war remnants museum. 

4. if you're willing to travel in a bus for 2 hours, you may visit the biggest temple in Ho Chi Minh, the Cao Dai Temple

5. another educational tour, would be to see and experience the Cu Chi Tunnels

6. ben thanh market. they sell local delicacies and goodies made and produced in Vietnam.
coffee galore!

fruits locally produced in vietnam


cute and colorful vietnamese dolls

7. stroll along dong khoi street. lots of european inspired infrastructure


  1. This all looks so amazing, I knew very little about Vietnam so thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Amazing really. I am living through your pictures.


  3. thank you guys for your comments :)

  4. your vacation pictures are AMAZING!! i really felt like i was on vacation on you hehehehe!

  5. Your pics are great! I really liked seeing a bit of Vietnam :)

  6. What an amazing trip!
    Love these pics!


  7. What wonderful photographs! I'm so glad to hear that your trip is going well! :)

  8. Great photos. The bazaar photos are always so colorful. The last photo of the girls is very cute. My fave.

  9. Thanks for all your comments! We did enjoy our trip in Ho Chi Minh! I will also post my outfits while I was there!

  10. jealous of your trip! looks like so much fun. found you through other blogs :)

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