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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Van Gogh Is Bipolar - different but interesting

We were looking for a restaurant that offers something different...thus came about Van Gogh is Bipolar.  It's a hole in a wall restaurant along Maginhawa St, UP Village. Owned by Jetro, who by the way is clinically diagnosed as one.  Jetro was gracious enough to talk to us. He explained the ingredients included in his menu, I particularly love Larry Flynt's Cabbage Experience (note that according to Jetro, cabbage is supposed to beat depression).  The mix of ingredients, the flavors that burst in your mouth in your first bite is just gastronomical! Ingredients in Jetro's restaurant would make you feel better, each triggers happy hormones in the body. 
The restaurant is self-service... that's a pretty new experience for me!  All in all, it was intimate, it was different and interesting, I would say I will still go back and dine there.

collection of tea pots

self - service

have a cup of tea

a clock installation art

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