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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shanghai: Gorgeous City

I know, I know it's been awhile, but here I am ready to talk about my latest travel in Shanghai!  
Shanghai is such a wonderful city, the skycrapers are just fabulous! I love the mix of modern and 19th century architecture.  Walking along the streets of Shanghai is fascinating, I got to see different details like flower vendors, cherry vendors and then on the other side I see the gorgeous Louis Vuitton store at Plaza 66 or the Gucci store in Golden Eagle Mall.  In my opinion the city is so diverse, you get to see the old and historical on the other side and the new and modern on the other. 

I walked around Shanghai until 11pm and I felt safe!  Walking along Nanjing road was wonderful because there were different vendors of scarves (40yuan) and iPhone cases (at 10yuan!) and other stuff including books and journals!

Shanghai August weather is pretty hot.  We thought though there was a storm coming but fortunately a sudden change of direction.  But of course in preparation, I got a black raincoat from Uniqlo just in case it rained. 

I think Shanghai is a privileged market, in terms of fashion.  The big brands present (Gucci, LV, Prada, Balenciaga etc) have items available there which I haven't seen in Hongkong, Singapore or Philippines.  

Personally, I still choose Hongkong as my shopping mecca, as it is less expensive than Shanghai.  But I highly recommend Shanghai to be visited as there are a lot of sights to discover and relish!

view from our hotel room, JC Mandarin Oriental.  I can already see the mix of modern and historical architecture
When you're in Shanghai one should have a picture with the its famous skyline
The Bund
 Side streets along Nanjing Road
Fabulous architecture along Nanjing Road
The gorgeous Yuyuan Gardens!

Shopping in Shanghai
the newly opened Louis Vuitton store at Plaza 66
So far the most fabulous GAP store I have seen
I just love this gown from McQueen
Xintiandi Plaza
Me and my colleagues playing with our iPhones at I.T. store in Xintiandi Plaza
Cute little kiosks at Xintiandi
So far the biggest apple store I have seen
 Cute finds from the kiosks at Yuyuan Gardens
Shanghai Story in Yuyuan Gardens - I just love these exquisite silk scarves!
I know, I know, I look so happy to be in Shanghai! Haha!

I have a lot of photos from Shanghai, but I can't show them all in one post!  Expect a part two friends!

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  1. wow what an amazing city indeed. would love to visit! xO!

  2. AMAZINGGG i've never been to shanghai it looks amazing tho! i so want to go! your photos are beautiful hon!

  3. Amazing pics, darling!
    Love the skyline and shops!


  4. Very beautiful photos... never have been to Shanghai but want to go within the next days... your photos are beautiful (also the ones with the filter...)!

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    Van - * My Youtube Videos

  5. beautiful photos! love the city

  6. Swoon! I have literally fallen in love with Shanghai thanks to this post! The streets and shops are so lush and beautiful!! :)

  7. this is gorgeous! cannot believe you were there, so jelo!! would love to visit shanghai. i have a new post up about a shoot i styled, would love to know what you think!

  8. Looks like you had so much fun!! I love Shanghai!!


  9. Oh wow, what a lovely city! xx

  10. Shanghai is a wonderful city! Congratulations for the photos!

  11. Oh wow! I hope to visit SHanghai someday, and agree....that is prob the largest apple store I've seen as well, and the GAP is gorgeous! Nothing like ours in the US.

  12. I am so jealous of these amazing trips you take. Just breathtaking photos!


  13. great pics!

  14. You look pretty and happy!
    And yeah, shanghai seems like a great place to be!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  15. Also, may I ask what editing software you have used?
    The pictures look sooo fabulous, especially picture 1 and 3!

    1. Hi Shubhi! I used my iPhone, with app called Camera Plus. Amazing App!

  16. looks like a GREAT trip!!

  17. Thank you lovelies for visiting and commenting on my blog! Totally appreciate it!


  18. One of my favorite cities!! These pictures brought back so many memories! xx

  19. These are amazing pictures!!!



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