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Monday, February 27, 2012

QOP - Work with a Twist

Almost all my work clothes are mostly grey, black or blue, yes I know it's quite boring.  To look far from boring, I usually buy work clothes with a bit of twist.  Like for instance, my grey top from Zara, is a mullet top, not the conventional blouse you see anywhere.  Another item that I got recently are my black patent oxfords, as you see in the photo, there is a gold lining at the front and at the back.  Again, something with a twist!  
To finish my look, I wore my Dragon Girl lip colour from NARS.  Now, is my work outfit still boring? Don't think so! :) 

I was wearing:
mullet top: Zara
skirt/accessories: Forever21
patent black oxfords: Zara

By the way lovelies! I will be traveling to HongKong/Macau from Feb 29 - March 3! Anyone of you who might be there just give me a message here! 
I'm excited to post my shopping experience and photos! Will blog about it soon!

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  1. I LOVE the print on your skirt - gorgeous! :)

  2. love the print of your skirt SOO CUTE!!!

  3. I lovelovelove your skirt, and I NEED a pair of shoes like this. Like, really bad.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love the red lipstick!


  5. great look!!! i love the shirt and skirt!!!!!!

    it seems like my blog will no longer be updated with google friend connect starting tomorrow
    i'd loved it if we followed each other via BLOGLOVIN


  6. You look totally darling. I love the pattern on your skirt and your oxfords are so cute.

  7. I love your work with a twist outfit and you're so right about your lipstick, it's a beautiful color on you. Great post, following you now too

    thanks so much for stopping by

  8. I love that Zara blouse! You paired it perfectly!

  9. I adore your shoes!

    Details on clothes are really important to me, and your outfit definitely isn't a typical work outfit. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. I really like the print of the skirt.

  11. Grey and red go perfectly together! I LOVE your lipstick :)


  12. I love your mullet top :)

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  13. Yes lets follow each other...Following you with GFC and bloglovin...hope you follow back too :)


  14. You look great!Love the outfit!kisses!

  15. Following with bloglovin (#12)...Would be glad if we can connect at Bloglovin too

    My Bloglovin Page

  16. you guys are just the sweetest! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and following me! I have been out of the country for 4 days so I was incognito for awhile. I was in HK for some R & R! It was one of my best visits in HongKong, I had so much fun! Will post photos soon! Mwah!



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