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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Business Venture: Brig Bags Manila

Hi Ladies, I have not mentioned yet here in my blog, my new business venture.   I have been a fan and lover for handbags, and I have decided (together with a friend) to start a small business in selling handbags.  

We call our company: BRIG BAGS MANILA.  

We sell chic, stylish and yet affordable bags.  Price range is from Php450 - Php1,400 ($10-$30) 

I have been wanting to do this and finally I have the courage to push through with it!

You may check our facebook page Brig Bags :)

This is our cover photo in our FB page

Some of the bags we sell online - we categorized it to 2 kinds: Brig Basics and Brig Luxe

Brig Basics:

Sophie - our all around bucket bag is our bestseller :)
Parker - our version of doctor's bag
Campbell - basic tote bag

Don't forget to like our Facebook page!

You may follow me through:

Instagram: thepinkmateproject
twitter: Vanessa Ordinario


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