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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Ok, so end of 2012, thank goodness those "end of the world" buzz are not particularly true, for now. 

2012 has been a pretty good year for me, new job, new challenges and lots of traveling. I can't wait for 2013, I think it will be better.  
There are a few resolutions I am hoping to achieve next year, I can't wait to start already!

Resolution #1:
Pray more often, God keeps me grounded. That's all I have to say.

Resolution #2:
Talk to my family in Vegas once a week.  Skype, facetime or viber whichever connects me with my family is just worth it!Wonders of technology!

Resolution #3:
Exercise regularly.  The wedding of one of my best friends is gonna be on May, I am hoping I'm a bit slimmer in 3 months! (Goodluck!)

Resolution #4:
Eat healthy.  Swear off (or at least less of) sweets!
I think this is gonna be a bit hard since I am absolutely a lover of anything sweet!! My cravings is just off the roof! 

Resolution #5:
Spend less on shopping for trendy items, spend more on classic ones.  

Resolution #6:
Save money from salary.  I think it's about time for me to save future,especially if I want to travel to Europe soon!

Resolution #7:
Spend more quality time with friends.  Since my family is far from me, my friends are my family here in the Philippines :)

My New Year's Eve spent at Serendra, Fort!
outfit - pants and top: Forever21, glittery gold flats: Payless, bag: Louis Vuitton
view of Skye Lounge from Serendra during NYE
necklace from Zara Accssories

What's your New Year's Resolution loves? 

Happy New Year To All!!! May God Bless All of You!

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  1. ohhhh your new years looked so fun!! spending new years w/ close friends and family is the best. wishing you a fabulous amazeballs and blessed 2013! :)

  2. Great resolutions for the new year...and cute NYE outfit!

  3. Awesome resolutions and pics!
    Happy 2013, darling!


  4. Great list of resolutions! Happy new year my friend.

  5. Happy, Happy New Year, my love! :)

  6. cute pics!!!
    Follow me on
    xoxo Marika

  7. Great resolutions! Your outfit looks super cute! Happy new year!!:) thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm following you now!

  8. Love your resolutions and pictures! You look gorgeous! Happy new year!

  9. Great photos! I love the style. Looks like you had a great NYE!


  10. Nice post, your blog is lovely!

  11. Amazing pictures!! Happy new year to you dear :) Anyway, I'm currently hosting my first ever giveaway and I would greatly appreciate it if you support me by joining :) It is open to all including international readers!! Please do join! Thank you so much!!

    xoxo, Saskia

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    Kevin Collins

  13. It looks like your NYE was sooo much fun! I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Details are on my blog. :-)

  14. hope you had a great new year. all great resolutions. : )


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