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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Wish - Time to Give Back

One of my birthday wishes is to be able to visit an orphanage.  Thanks to one of my friends, she mentioned about Shepherd of the Hills.  This is a Christian Home Care Organization which helps neglected, abused, abandoned and underprivileged children.  The organization has many programs like Home care program, Music and arts, sports, educational program etc. These programs help children grow to be a positive and healthy adult. 

When we arrived in the home, we were welcomed with wonderful smiles.  I immediately introduced my friends who supported and donated as well, for the supplies needed in the home (toiletries, canned goods, clothing and school supplies). 
I informed the kids that the theme of the party was Prince and Princesses, of course I asked my friends to wear pink shirts!  We served spaghetti, BBQ, burger, cake and ice cream!  In return, these kids surprised us with a wonderful performance (violins and guitar!), which left us in awe.

While watching them perform, I came to realize, as a blogger, we usually buy new things for our wardrobe.  I purchase a bag which amounts to an expense of a family for the whole year (maybe not even close!). I am very fortunate.  I have a loving family, a home, supportive friends and continuous income.  The feeling after the event was and still is indescribable, I feel a sense of contentment that I promised myself while driving away, I will remember to go back and share my blessings, as these angels have touched my heart.

me and my friends wore tiaras, mine is the gold one of course!
prayer before meals
food was served
Caleb.  Half Bangladesh, half Filipino.  He was abandoned in a hospital.  The doctors diagnosed him as blind, but thankfully his eye sight has improved, he know sees shadows.
The performance.  I fought back tears while taking the photos
my friend Coy jamming with the kids
their chow chow Mucho, joined in the party!  All smiles for me! Isn't he cute?

Class Picture!!!


  1. CUte blog! (:

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  2. Giving back is so important :) Good for you and great blog!

  3. I am touched by your kind action.


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  4. Such a great post. I love the first photo with the tiarras.

  5. How lovely, darling!
    That class picture is adorable :)


  6. What a wonderful birthday wish. You are so kind to have spent time at an orphanage; the children there must be so happy to have met you. The class picture is too cute! :)

  7. That is such an incredible thing to do. When I was living at home, my mom and I would visit a local orphanage every Thanksgiving and Christmas and bring small gifts for all the children to choose from. It was such an eye opening thing to do. So amazing. Great place to give back!


  8. This was really so sweet of you and your friends and to be completely honest, I really really love your heart! God bless you dear girl :)

  9. Beautiful photos!

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  10. Thanks for your visit too! What about follow each other?? I follow you now! kisses!

  11. Love this sweet post. You are amazing.

  12. Happy late Birthday :) Great post, sad but hopeful at the same time. It's good to see 'serious' matters on a style blog every now and again!


  13. thank you so much for all your comments! I all appreciate your words of encouragement on this!



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