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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Makeup Class - 1960s and 1970s

Definitely my favorite era! Love the style and the culture of both 60s and 70s.  My inspirations for the makeup:

1960s inspiration
brigitte bardot, french actress, sex symbol of the 60s

For the Brigitte Bardot look, for the eyes, I brushed gray eyeshadow on the lids, then black eyeshadow on the crease which I smudged slightly.  First thing that comes to mind if Brigitte Bardot, is the eyeliner, there should always be a winged effect or what we call "bardot", and should be put thickly.  Here, I used Laura Mercier ebony caviar cream eyeliner thickly on the upper and lower rims.  To highlight the eyes even more, I brushed white shimmery eyeshadow on the brow bone.  For the cheeks, I slightly used an orangey blush.  For the eyeshadow and blush, I used the Sephora makeup kit.  For the lips, I needed something really nude lip color, since I only have Honolulu Honey from NARS, which is not so nude, I decided to put concealer on her to get the nude effect that I want, here I used NARS concealer in Ginger, top with Laura Mercier lip glace in Crystal.  Lastly, put falsies and lots and lots of black mascara for both upper and lower lashes to emphasize the eyes more.

For the hair, I didn't put any products, I just curled her section by section.  Curling away from her face.  To be more with the 60s era, I used my red and white striped head band on her to finish the look.

i was wearing:
cardigan: f & h
top: zara
skirt: dorothy perkins

1970s inspiration
 ali macgraw, golden globe best actress for love story

1970s is usually more of natural glowing look, the difference from 60s to 70s is not so much of the eyeliner.  For the eyes, I used more natural color eyeshadows.  For the lids, I swept a beige matte eyeshadow, then I put Laura Mercier ebony caviar cream eyeliner and did the winged effect on the rims, this time not as thick as the 1960s.  Lastly for the eyes, I used  golden beige shimmery eye shadow at the inner corners. For the cheeks, I used pink blush under the cheek bones.  The lips, I wanted to use a very light pink, to highlight the lips, I used MAC's Pink Noveau then I dabbed white gold eyeshadow from Laura Mercier and finish off with Laura Mercier's Crystal lip glace.
For the hair, I curled the lower part of her hair just to give her a softer look.  To finish this 1970s look I used my bandanna and wrapped around her head for the flower power look! 

i was wearing:
top: dorothy perkins
skirt: cotton on
watch: philip stein
native necklace: from a local store
shades: vintage


  1. i love it.

  2. maganda ka and love your first pictures, not the blonde tho' the headband is cool! xx Joice

  3. what a nice post!! i love 60's and 70's the make up is beautiful!!

    your blog is lovely i am your newest follower!
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    kisses <3


  4. love your headscarf!

  5. Ooh, what a fun idea! I am loving both of these makeup looks! :)

  6. I loove the photos!<3 i love the 70's inspiration best:) awesome!

  7. Love the BB look - she's one of my favorites - and your scarf look as well! Lovely.

  8. Fantastic! Great execution! You look so pretty - and I love the 70's headband!

  9. love your headbands!!

  10. I love the 1960's too.
    You look lovely!


  11. you are so gorgeous! I love how you manage to pull off all these difference, iconic looks just with slight changes of your head scarf.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  12. i love 70's style!!!! such a boho vibe<3 thanks for sharing this amazing post!


  13. Oh, you look super duper gorgeous, I adore your 1960s look! <3

    The Cat Hag
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  14. so pretty! Love the printed silk scarf look- my favourite :)

    Come follow my blog sweetie!

  15. So cute! Love the inspiration as well!
    Boho Market


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