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Monday, August 8, 2011

Of Beauties and Beckies, a Birthday Extravaganza!

My close friend Shahani Gania, celebrated his birthday at a club called 7th High (Bonifacio High Street).  His birthday is one of the most awaited celebrations by girls and 'girlies', this is their time to dress up like a beauty queen! 
When I got in the club, I was just in awe! All of them were so beautiful! Had a hard time figuring out between real girls vs girlies! The gowns, the makeup and wigs were just gorgeous! I kept on taking pictures of each and everyone!  
To show you what I mean, check out the pics pinkmates, you will love these!

wigs and gowns galore!
dancin' with a pink boy
the birthday girl at the dj's booth
video presentation for shahani
pretty faces during that night:
designer john herrera
makeup artist jigs mayuga
he's one of my favorites that night!
my good friend, photographer niccolo cosme
showbiz talk show host ic mendoza

dynamic hosts for the night
shahani with his tina daniac frock, announces the top 15!

model, makeup artist and f.a.s.h. host bianca valerio for the  question & answer portion

another q & a by my good friend tuesday vargas, as rockstar barbie!

stunning divine lee wearing a fabulous suit!
divine's louboutins

this 'becky' trying to fit into divine's pumps!
before announcing the winners, final walk for last year's reigning queen, designer veejay floresca, wearing vera wang
crowning of the first runner-up and the queen bee!

my bet for the night, bj pascual, first runner-up
the reigning queen, dennis torrepalma, congratulations dear!
with divine
with friend john lozano, f.a.s.h. host and organizer of this event

the birthday girl with jennifer sevilla, owner of lynelle's wigs, all the 'beckies' love her!

with tuesday
with seasoned actress extra-ordinaire, ms. cherie gil
with the birthday girl
happy birthday my gorgeous girlfriend!

i was wearing:
 maxi dress: dorothy perkins
hair accs: accessorize
bangles/ring: forever21 


  1. You have a nice Blog!! God Bless you!! ^.^

  2. an extravaganza indeed! :)


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  4. What fun!
    Love all these fabulous dresses!


  5. How fun!
    It looks like ya'll enjoyed it, happy belated bday to your friend.

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  6. Hi, ok now i follow you !!!

  7. Thanks for your comment :)

  8. this looks like it was such a great time! everyone looks beautiful <3

    XO Sahra

  9. Ahhhhh!!! So fierce!! I am jealous you attended this! Haha what are pink boys?


  10. @ Angel, Pink Boys is a group of young, hot dancers. You can hire them to perform in an event ;)

  11. I love how pretty the girlies are, and the fabulous way they dolled themselves up. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  12. Nice post, love the photos!
    see mine
    you might like it :)

  13. funny night!

  14. what a party :D
    louboutins are chic!

  15. waow those louboutins are awesome.

  16. Great photos and outfits! I love with CL! :)

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  17. LOVE it!

    please check out my blog, I would love to have you as a follower/ hear what you think :)


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