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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kylie Minogue: Aphrodite World Tour, The Best Ever!

Pinkmates! This is it!!! Finally my Kylie post! 
Last July 5, 2011, we were able to witness our Queen perform live in front of us!  I had to shorten my hours at work to make sure I'm early at the venue.  It was so traffic and I was practically on the verge of tears, but of course, I try not to ruin my makeup, so I had to keep it together.  When I finally arrive at the venue, the parking line was sooo long!  Good thing there's valet!  When I got down from the car, and the valet driver went off, I forgot the main accessory for the night!!! I had to ask the other driver to run and stop the car, good thing we were able to and I got the most important part of my outfit... my ULTRA PINK LIP COLOUR!!!
The concert started a bit late, but when you get in the coliseum it's like the entire place was a club! Great music, great dj and great lights! So we were all dancing the entire time.  Then they announced that the show was about to start, so we were all shouting and screaming!!! And OH MY GAWD! THE APHRODITE herself rose from the stage with her half golden shell! Oh my! Kylie is just beautiful, sexy and fabulous all over!!! The show had just started and my throat was already sore from shouting "I LOVE YOU KYLIE!" All her outfits are just wonderful and to die for! Of course they are all from Dolce & Gabbana! 

Wow, writing this post is giving me goose bumps!

The stage, the props, the lights, the band the back up vocals and dancers were all outstanding! It was a show of lifetime! I cried at the middle of the concert!  Haha! I was so overwhelmed! We all danced the night away!
All I can say is that in my 34 years of existence, so far this is the best concert I've ever seen! Thank you Kylie for giving us the best show ever!!! Hail to the Queen Bee!!!

waiting for the concert outside the venue, drinking a bit
 showing off our tickets! yeah baby!

 the set is just amazing! the goddess has risen!
with the fallen angel
check out the background video! a giant boom box!
and then the finale... rain of golden happiness!
tired, driving on the way home... still high from Aphrodite! 
I love you Kylie!


  1. super cute photos!! you and your gf's are all so pretty! i love kylie too! ever since locomotion hahah

  2. Wow! that stage looks amazing!!!

  3. oh I love kylie Minogue, you guys are so lucky and you girls look fabulous too! xx Joice

  4. Thank you for your comments lovely ladies!
    Gosh Kylie! haaaay, the stage is just wonderful!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment doll!
    Lucky you, I would have liked to gone to the concert too. :)


  6. Amazing pics! Love your look for the concert :)

    p.s.: I have given you a sunshine award, check out my blog for details! :D

  7. ok, im just going to say that I am sooooo jealous! Sounds like it was a lot of fun though...

    All the best, Angel

  8. Amazing! You are sooo lucky. Loving your Kylie outfit :)


  9. Wow! I have another award! Thank you! Mwah!

  10. wow. that look so fabulous. you look snazzy.


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